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Security cameras Melbourne

 Security Camera Systems Melbourne
Alarms & Security CCTV

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Home Security systems

Sometimes, people hesitate to purchase the home security system because they believe that it is solely made for commercial structures. Well, in fact security system is accessible both for commercial and domestic usages. There are security cameras that are made for home use only. The latest technologies in home security cameras are available with various state of the art features. Like for instance, IP enabled security technologies, and cameras that are installed with motion sensor lens have made remarkable developments in the field of home security systems.

A major benefit of buying home security systems is that you can guarantee the best security for your precious properties and people. You can decide on a wide spectrum of security systems depending on your needs.

  • Bosch Solution 3000 ( 8-16 Zone ) Alarm panel with tamper switch
  • 3 x Bosch Blue line Hard wired movement detectors (PIRs)  (can handle up to 8)
  • 1 x External “Classic” style or “Slimline” siren with blue strobe
  • Rings your phone if you alarm goes off! (with a siren noise)
  • 1x Internal siren (105db+) (piezo)
  • Power pack & backup battery
  • LCD Icon Keypad
  • ADSL filter & phone socket
  • Alarm connection to phone line for mobile phone alert
  • Cables & connectors
  • Warning stickers for your home
  • 3 year parts & labour warranty

$ 790 fully installed 

Home Security systems Melbourne

  • Home Security systems Melbourne Bosch Solution 3000 ( 8/16 Zone ) Alarm panel with tamper switch
  • 2x Bosch Wireless movement detectors*
  • 2x Bosch Hardwired movement detector
  • 2x Bosch remote controls included
  • 1x Bosch LCD Icon keypad
  • 1x External wired classic or Slimline siren with blue strobe
  • 1x Internal wired siren
  • Power pack & backup battery
  • ADSL filter & phone socket
  • additional cargers may applies 
  • Warning stickers for your home
  • 3 year parts & labour warranty

$ 990 fully installed
Home Security Systems
Paradox MG5050 Alarm System Kit Including LCD Codepad

A  leading edge alarm system with an inbuilt receiver that allows you to combine both wired and wireless devices all in one!  Complete with 32 zones hard wired LED code pad and two dual PIR security detectors with pet immunity is truely unbeatable. Suitable for domestic and commercial security installations.

  • 1 x PDX-MG5050PCB – Hybrid 10 zone alarm  panel
  • 1 x PDX-KIT1 – Base Kit  Enclosure box
  • 1x Backup battery
  • 1x 16V AC Plug Pack
  • 1x Tamper Switch
  • 1x Telephone Plug and Bracket
  • 2 x PDX-DG75 – Digigard High-Security Digital Motion Detector with Pet Immunity
  • 1 x CSD-1001 – External Mini Siren and strobe with high intensity LED kit
  • 1x CSD-1003 – Top Hat Screamer
  • 1x PDX-K32 32-Zone Hardwired LED Keypad Module

$ 990 fully installed

There are security cameras to watch the covered areas all the time, in spite of any movement. However, there are home security systems that turned on following any unnecessary exposure within the covered or protected area. The first type of security systems is usually monitored constantly or occasionally depending on the vulnerability of the protected zones.

IP enabled home security systems are more innovative compared to previous models. The main advantage of this new system is that it could be connected online. Email alert is an important feature of this aspect. In this type of system, you will get auto-generated emails sent from the system where there’s an unnecessary exposure in the covered zone. This peculiar feature has made the security system immensely popular among users.

Home security camera system can be categorized between wireless and wired systems. Wired systems take account of the old model that was introduced initially. It’s just a few decades; the wireless security systems have become very popular among all. On the other hand, wired security systems aren’t valueless, and could serve basic functions that might be enough for a home. The wireless security cameras systems are more advanced when compared to wired cameras. They are flexible and more organized and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Looking for a high quality home security systems, look no further than security CCTV Melbourne.

Home security

Security is important for not only your safety and the valuables you possess but to prevent theft and to keep the streets clean of criminals. The best way to do this is with cameras and alarms.

The importance of this security camera systems are critical because it could save lives by persuading you to get the thing that can and will save lives 260 people get offended just in Melbourne, it’s incredible just how many just encounter a robbery that is why it is crucial to get a trust worthy security system installed into your own home today. Don’t you want you and your loved ones will be safe don’t take the risk act now before it is too late. 

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Home security is more important than ever, Crime rate in Melbourne has risen dramatically in last 5 years