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Roof Ventilation 

In Summer roof temperatures often exceed 70°C. This greatly increases room temperatures inside your home. Rhodium  Smart Solar powered roof ventilators can reduce roof temperatures by up to 30°C and room temperatures by up to 6°C.
  • Solar Roof Ventilators quietly remove heat from your roof or ceiling space, all day, every day, starting from first light.
  • Heat never builds up inside the ceiling space, and therefore doesn’t radiate down into the house through the ceiling.
  • This makes the rooms feel cooler, and more comfortable, day and night.  Very simple, but effective.
  • Solar Powered  – Increases comfort, with no running cost – Save hundreds of dollars in energy bills.
  • Reduces conventional Air Conditioning costs – they don’t have to work as hard – and live in a fresher-air environment.
  • Solar Roof Ventilators run hardest when it’s sunny and hot, and the heat problem is at it’s worst.

Designed with the testing Australian climate in mind this solar powered roof ventilation unit is made from the highest quality materials and is ideal from almost every application.
Complete with a preset thermostat and lithium battery this vent allows for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Suits tile and corrugated roofs
  • Will switch off when the temperature falls
  • Will continue to run for up to four hours if the roof cavity remains hot after nightfall
  • Reduce air conditioning and electricity usage
BOXING DAY SALE $ 695 fully installed single story house ( double story $ 100 extra) (colorbond $ 100 extra)