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Roof Ventilation 

In Summer roof temperatures often exceed 70°C. This greatly increases room temperatures inside your home. Rhodium  Smart Solar powered roof ventilators can reduce roof temperatures by up to 30°C and room temperatures by up to 6°C.
  • Solar Roof Ventilators quietly remove heat from your roof or ceiling space, all day, every day, starting from first light.
  • Heat never builds up inside the ceiling space, and therefore doesn’t radiate down into the house through the ceiling.
  • This makes the rooms feel cooler, and more comfortable, day and night.  Very simple, but effective.
  • Solar Powered  – Increases comfort, with no running cost – Save hundreds of dollars in energy bills.
  • Reduces conventional Air Conditioning costs – they don’t have to work as hard – and live in a fresher-air environment.
  • Solar Roof Ventilators run hardest when it’s sunny and hot, and the heat problem is at it’s worst.