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security camera installation

security camera installation

Have You Ever Wished You Caught an Event on Video?

Well, now you can at an affordable price. Rhodium Security Cameras will help you, on surveillance systems for your home to see what is right for you with a free in home quote.
Our security cameras have been installed in over a couple of thousand homes over the years and we continue to have a relationship and support all of our customers when called on to do so.

  • We give a full tutorial on the day of your installation
  • We have over 30 helpful videos on our site located in the “Help” Tab
  • We offer free remote support
  • We offer a direct line to the manufacturer of your security equipment if necessary

Rhodium Security camera systems Record all events in “real time” as they happen
Receive push notifications or “text messages” of real time video from your security equipment
Watch your home live when you’re not there
View live from smartphones or other portable devices
Protect your family and your assets

With our security cameras you can set up a perimeter around your house , arm a specific area or individual cameras to send instant notification to your mobile device when the area is entered or “breached”. You will receive this notification that will include the persons or movement that triggered the alarm within seconds of it actually happening. …Very powerful tool.

Surveillance cameras in plain view are a “proven guaranteed deterrent” by persuading potential intruders to move on.

Victim of crime Victoria had to say about a robbery incident 

security cameras installed in their home to tell us that their neighbor to the left or right of them had been victimized or robbed. Well there is a good reason why they didn’t pick the house in the middle…They have security cameras looking back at them. Even burglars are aware that the amount of time it takes for someone to be watching them in real time is instantaneous from the time they step onto the property or in view of the cameras. If you were a burglar would you try to rob someone’s house if they were standing there looking back at you with a phone in their hand? Well, that’s exactly what the cameras can do for you- Be your eyes when you’re not home in real time, especially with instant notifications sent to your mobile device within seconds.

Many homeowners have to leave their property or home unsecured throughout the day, especially when going out for work. But, some people are often anxious about leaving their children back home. These issues have made them consider the installation of security camera systems. Home security systems have become indispensable parts of every home because of the multiple benefits. Even if they could not avoid or fight with a trespasser, still they make you alert immediately or help you know the criminals later on.

Still if you are not using these security systems, time has come when you must be aware the expected advantages of the home surveillance cameras. First and foremost, you can get out of your home in a passive mind in the morning. Worry no more about whether the governess is taking care of your children properly. Also, rest assured that your garage is being monitored 24/7, and many will think twice prior to intrude your garage. If you setup or install the home security systems, you can take a long holiday without worrying about your home or property.

Sometimes, people hesitate to purchase the home security system because they believe that it is solely made for commercial structures. Well, in fact security system is accessible both for commercial and domestic usages. There are security cameras that are made for home use only. The latest technologies in home security cameras are available with various state of the art features. Like for instance, IP enabled security technologies, and cameras that are installed with motion sensor lens have made remarkable developments in the field of home security systems.

A major benefit of buying home security systems is that you can guarantee the best security for your precious properties and people. You can decide on a wide spectrum of security systems depending on your needs. There are security cameras to watch the covered areas all the time, in spite of any movement. However, there are home security systems that turned on following any unnecessary exposure within the covered or protected area. The first type of security systems is usually monitored constantly or occasionally depending on the vulnerability of the protected zones.

IP enabled home security systems are more innovative compared to previous models. The main advantage of this new system is that it could be connected online. Email alert is an important feature of this aspect. In this type of system, you will get auto-generated emails sent from the system where there’s an unnecessary exposure in the covered zone. This peculiar feature has made the security system immensely popular among users.

Home security camera system can be categorized between wireless and wired systems. Wired systems take account of the old model that was introduced initially. It’s just a few decades; the wireless security systems have become very popular among all. On the other hand, wired security systems aren’t valueless, and could serve basic functions that might be enough for a home. The wireless security cameras systems are more advanced when compared to wired cameras. They are flexible and more organized and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation.

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