Crime Statistics in Melbourne

Crime Statistics in Melbourne

Alleged offender incidents rhodium Security cameras

An alleged offender incident is an incident involving one or more offences to which an individual, business or organisation has been linked as an alleged offender. An alleged offender incident represents one alleged offender but may involve multiple victims and offences. One incident may involve offences that occur over a period of time but if processed by Victoria Police as one incident, it will have a count of one in the data presented in this section.

There may be multiple incidents within the reference period that involve the same individual, business or organisation. If there are multiple alleged offenders related to a criminal event, each will have their alleged offender incident counted once in the figures.

Where there were multiple offences recorded within the one incident, the incident is assigned an offence category of the most serious offence in the incident, known as the principal offence.

Security cameras in these sort of incidents help enormously to identify the offenders and these images from security cameras are evidence when stand traile.

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