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Home security is not just about protecting your property and material possessions. It’s also about providing a safe and protected space for your family, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is well looked after.

Rhodium Security is one of Melbourne’s leading providers of home security camera systems. We have extensive experience designing and installing custom CCTV and security alarm systems. Our team of expert security technicians will inspect your property and determine any weak spots or potential points of entry. We then work with you to design a security system that provides optimal protection for your family and property and includes all the functionality you require.

We offer a comprehensive range of home systems that include wi-fi enabled CCTV cameras featuring night vision, motion detection, wide-angle coverage, audio input/output capabilities and much more. We can plan optimal camera placement to protect potential access points and set you up with motion detection cameras that will notify you via text or email alert the moment any disturbances are detected.

Through any of our security systems, you can live-stream the footage from your cameras directly to your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. At any time, from anywhere in the world, you have the peace of mind that comes with being able to check in on your property in real-time.

Home security & Automation system in Mobile

Quality security alarms for the home

IP Module can be added in to the system which allow you to turn on and off remotely anywhere in the world and have notification coming to your mobile as incidents happens $ 160

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home security cameras

Quality security Alarms

Home and commercial

 $ 1190 fully installed

$ 990 fully installed

home security cameras

Home Security Systems Melbourne

 Home and commercial

 $ 1390 fully installed

$ 1250 fully installed

Security Systems Installation

Bosch Solution 3000+ 3 PIRs + 5″ Touch Screen Keypad Mobile RSC + App

$ 1450 fully installed in Single Story house

Sometimes, people hesitate to purchase home security systems because they believe that these systems are made solely for businesses. Well, in fact security system is accessible both for commercial and domestic usages. There are security systems that are made for home use only. The latest technology in Security Alarm System is available with various state of the art features. Like for instance, IP enabled security technologies, and cameras that are installed with motion sensor lens have made remarkable developments in the field of home security systems. A major benefit of installing a security system is that you can guarantee the best security for your property and ensure the safety of your family. You can also decide on a wide spectrum of security systems depending on your needs, allowing for great flexibility when it comes to both budget and your physical space.

Security innovations for your home


No matter the alarm system you choose, you can be assured that it will be on the cutting edge of technology – as an example, IP enabled home security systems can be connected online, allowing you to receive email alerts at any time of the day. If you’re looking for a high-quality home security system, or would like to learn more about our alarms, security cameras or installation, get in touch with Rhodium Security Camera Systems today.

Security Alarm System


With state of art Security Alarm Systems available with Rhodium Security, you can have a peaceful sleep or a fun holiday without worrying about someone trying to gain an unauthorised entry into your property. Our Security alarm systems are specifically designed to alarm yourself, the neighborhood or the security service that you may have hired about any such invasion and at the price they come, it is a bargain.

All our Security Alarm Systems can be professionally installed to ensure that you and your property are safe and sound at all times.

Home Automation Melbourne

At Rhodium Security, it doesn’t stop at home security. We can design and install full home automation systems tailored to your specific requirements. Our security systems can be integrated with your home lighting, sound system, heating and air conditioning systems and more.

Imagine receiving a motion detection text alert on your smartphone and being able to immediately access your security cameras and seeing suspicious movement in your front yard. With a home automation system, you could instantly switch on your lights via a smartphone app to deter any would be burglars.

Central home automation system, easily connects with many other smart devices. To enable control lighting, heating, security, and the typical range of smart home through voice commands or the user-interface by swiping or tapping screen options as required. The home automation system has been designed to integrate other smart devices by default making it centralized and convenient to be access from any part of the house.

Connecting new smart devices isn’t so automated as with other home automation systems, as they have to be manually added by scanning printed codes and this can only be carried on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

And it goes beyond security. With a fully automated smart-home system, you can control all aspects of your home – from the lighting, to appliances, to heating and cooling systems, to your sprinkler system – via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Turn your home into a smart-home with an integrated home security and automation system from Rhodium Security. Contact out team today to find out what we can do for you and get a free quote.

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