Dahua 8 x 4MP DH-IPC-HDW2431EMP Eyeball

///Dahua 8 x 4MP DH-IPC-HDW2431EMP Eyeball

Dahua 8 x 4MP DH-IPC-HDW2431EMP Eyeball


 x 4MP cameras | Built-in Mic | 8CH NVR + 2TB

Dahua 8ch 4MP Turret Kit includes: 1 x DHI-NVR4108HS-8P-4KS2/L, 8 x Dahua DH-IPC-HDW2431EMP-AS-0280B-S2 4MP Starlight IP Turret
, 1 x WD Purple HD-2TB installed

Localised camera footage storage capability: up to 256 GB MicroSD Card storage

High clarity Starlight Technology: Let’s you see clear footage in dark settings – 2560 × 1440 | PoE

Built-in Infrared LED, up to 30 metres distance.


Delivery time

5 Business Days


3 Years


Dahua Technology


Dahua 8ch 8MP Turret Kit includes: 1 x DHI-NVR4108HS-8P-4KS2 , 4 x DH-IPC-HDW3849HP-AS-PV , 1 x Security HD-2TB installed

4 of Dahua TIOC DH-IPC-HDW3849HP-AS-PV Dahua 8MP AI Active Deterrence Full color Starlight IP Turret Fixed 2.8mm, Built-in Mic & Speaker,IP67,POE

(note this NVR doesn’t allow arming / disarming as you please, only via schedule. If you wish to arm / disarm via app, please select upgrade to PRO)


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